About Me

I have lived in southern Illinois since 2002 and although my formal education centers on Forestry and natural resources, but my passion has always been photography. In 2008, after some encouragement from my family and friends, I started JC Photography.  The southern Illinois region is beautiful year-round, with no shortage of places to shoot. I shoot local weddings, engagement pictures, community events and family portraits.

I know that getting to local studios can often be difficult and that people, especially children are not always comfortable in new places. That is why I come to you. I feel that the best pictures are captured where you feel comfortable and at home. Take a look at my gallery and feel free to contact me if you are looking for a photographer in southern Illinois. All photography on this page is licensed under the Creative Commons License.

If you want to take some photographs with you, check out my Desktop Wallpaper section under Resources. Images on that page are free to download and redistribute, as long as credit is given. Happy browsing and I look forward to hearing from you.